Off Road 9ft Red Flag Pole, Center Split

260.00 SAR

علم لون أحمر طول ٢.٧ متر (قطعتين)، مهم لطلعات البر وضروري للسلامة

، يمنع الحوادث فحالة نزول السيارة في منحدر حيث يمنح العلم الرؤية للسيارات الأخرى 

ذو جوده و صناعة عالية 

  • Essential for safety and leisure: the aor 9 feet flag pole is an essential element in off-Roading, whether for safety or leisure.
  • Enhanced visibility: thanks to its length of 9 feet (2.7 meters) it allows you to be seen easily while you are driving behind rocks or under sand dunes to avoid any collisions
  • The colorful pvc shrink tubing protects each rod from sun-Splintering and deterioration, in addition to providing increased durability and enhanced color visibility.
  • Flexibility: the special composite blend of fiberglass and resin makes the rod the most durable choice for any safety or leisure flag application
  • Customisable: can be mounted with any type of flag

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Off Road 9ft Red Flag Pole, Center Split

In stock