AOR Black Kinetic Recovery Rope, 9 meters, 11 Ton, Adventure Series

300.00 SAR

حبل السحب المطاطي 

٪نسخة المغامره بقوة سحب ١١ طن و نسبة تمدد ٣٠ 

  • Extremely strong – with a pulling capacity of 24,250 lbs / 11,000 kg, it can easily recover any type of suv.
  • 30% elastic – it is specially designed to stretch under load, and to progressively deliver the stored kinetic energy for a smooth recovery, eliminating all stress on vehicle and driver
  • Heavy duty – made of rip resistant nylon with protection webbing
  • Optimal length & weight – at 9 meters long, the AOR kinetic recovery rope has the perfect length to recover any vehicle in any terrain
  • Comes in ultra visible black color to remain visible at all times

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